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I'm a Proud Practitioner and I am a Proud Bruja. I love the Path it saved my life. So I work to help guide others. I teach the Craft and I love to HELP HEAL and Love. I am illuminated incantation, a crystalline invocation, a lovingly-crafted celebration of the world's most magical icon which is Energy email me:

I'm a Reader 

I am reader of Tarot Cards, Bones and More. Are you struggling to find a path to inner peace, success or career choice? Do you have a love problem you can not solve alone? With a wealth of experience and knowledge my Oracle vibes allow me to touch base with my callers, and furthermore telepathically communicate with their spirit, and their particular situation.

I'm a Spiritual Worker

Lady Duchess  works roots for the purpose of healing or harming and manipulating people, places and things for a specific purpose. Its all energy Love Sex Pain Happiness. Seemingly strange beliefs in the power of herbs, roots, bones, graveyard dirt and a variety of curios – both natural and human made – Fill MLD's Bag of Magick

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