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The Third Chakra or the Solar plexus chakra is known as the Manipura Chakra in Sanskrit. ‘Mani’ stands for pearl or jewel and ‘pura’ stands for city. Thus, the Manipura Chakra is responsible for ‘pearls of wisdom’, well being, clarity and common sense in every individual. Experts call the Third Chakra the ‘self power chakra’- one’s self-confidence, self-discipline and the ability to achieve goals all come from it.

Location of the Third Chakra– The solar plexus chakra is located just behind the naval region below the rib cage.

Color associated with the Third chakra– The Solar Plexus Chakra is associated with Yellow color. Yellow symbolizes energy, intellect and also the relationship a person has with Fire and Sun.

Organs and functions connected to the Third Chakra– The Third Chakra impacts the stomach, liver, large intestine, pancreas and also the eyes and face.

Third Chakra or Solar Plexus Oil

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