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What is the Taurus Oil? Why is it created? How can you use it? 

Key Word of the Taurus is: I have

 Functioning on the totally Personality-Centered Level – beautiful material possessions and physical pleasures are the major focus on this level.  There is an instinctive urge to acquire possessions and to experience emotional sensations.  TAURUS is very stubbornly in pursuit of these pleasures.  Any sense of lack experienced by TAURUS is based on the desire to have more of everything.  There is a tendency to clutter one’s space and to gain weight.  TAURUS’ cup is always half empty.  TAURUS learns about desire through her direct physical plane experiences.


It is good oil for: Business Loans, Prosperity Spell Work, and Love Work 

You can use it lotions as well as add to your bath water as well. Keep this oil refrigerated as well 

Taurus Oil Full Ounce

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