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Here's how Magick can work for prosperity: if you work a prosperity spell properly, it helps focus your mind and spirit on your goal... helps you to really believe your desire is possible... and gives you the confidence to go after it. Many of these changes occur on a subconscious level... and it may seem like any prosperity just "happened". The reality is, it's all you.

Now that you understand the truth about how, and why prosperity spells can work...

It blends the mystical beliefs of 2 ancient cultures to create prosperity energy. Combine this energy with your desire, focus, and emotion... and you can achieve whatever you wish.


You will need to send me: 

Pic of Yourself Target or Business emailed to me 

Your Petition 

Buy My Proseperity Candle

Burn Daily!!!! 

Watch Your Work! 


You will also get a small kit to keep it up 

Prosperity Work (Performed by MLD)

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