MLD Florida Water Cologne is a staple ingredients for many spiritworkers, magic makers, and healers. This unique botanical blend has been used for years as an all-purpose blessing agent to clear away unwelcomed vibrations and attract benevolent forces. 

Known to attract positive forces MLD Florida Water can be used to set any intention for your wellbeing into motion. For this reason I recommend using it with your prayer work, your intentions and your healing work. I often use it before doing any type of intention work, before an Intuitive Consultation, or Energy Clearing session. It clears away debris and raises your vibration…


Using MLD Florida Water to Attract Money, Success, and Abundance

Money, success and abundance all spring from the same well of positivity. When you shift to a vibration of acceptance, flow and possibility you begin attracting more of the same. Remember, if you are not in agreean