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  • Why we need this Yoni Eggs?One fact about the vagina that many people aren’t aware of is that the vagina is a collapsed muscle and like any other muscle in the body, the vagina has to be worked out in order to maintain strength, shape and health.  Kegel exercises are recommended by health care professionals and sex therapists/coaches to women in order to build up the muscles within the pelvis and the vagina. So the new tool that many are becoming aware of is yoni eggs
  • What Is a Yoni Massage?Yoni is the Sanskrit word for vagina and, loosely translated, means "sacred space." Tantric philosophy approaches the vagina from a place of love and respect and yoni massage as a means of honoring women. While yoni massage is both sensual and pleasurable, the intent is not to bring the woman to orgasm but to awaken her awareness of her own sexuality and generate a bond of trust and intimacy with her partner
  • Why choose us? Factory Direct Seller of a good price,100% A+ Natural Rose Quartz, Superb smooth Handmade, a beautiful luxury pink gift box, good as gift.Have perfect 3 sizes in one pracel-- Big size: About 45 x 30mm/1.8''x 1.2'', Medium size: About 40x25mm /1.6'' x1'',Small size: About 30x20mm/1.2'' x0.8''. The average person would use a medium size egg, as a small egg may be too small to feel within the vagina and one must feel the weight in order to contract the muscles to keep it in place.
  • How to enjoy the Yoni eggs? Lay down comfortably, open the legs and insert the egg with the bigger part first. Use only the tip of your finger to ease it in. Once it has passed the opening of the vagina, the yoni walls will pull the egg in. WHEN IS THE RIGHT TIME?Yoni eggs can be used during meditation, while sitting down watching television or doing work, or while walking around doing every day activities
  • Who Benefits from Yoni Eggs?Yoni Eggs massage helps these women learn to trust their partners and empowers them to regain control over their own sexuality. Beyond survivors of sexual trauma, can benefit it. All women, regardless of sexual history, benefit by getting in touch with their own arousal and learning to trust their partners.Men benefit by becoming familiar with their partners' bodies and sexual response. Men also benefit by learning to touch women in a giving and honoring way

Magickal Lady Duchess Yoni Egg Set

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