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Empaths Mist and Spray let me Explain why this is needed like frfr and I am going to teach you as well


Materials: Distilled water, grade essential oils, Amethyst, Fluorite, Black Tourmaline, Charged Smoky Quartz

Fluorite Stabilizes and protects the aura, deflects electromagnetic smog and stress. It also helps create healthy boundaries.

Black Tourmaline will help keep negative energies away and protect you from absorbing them.

Amethyst to help you feel calm and enhance your spiritual practice and offer psychic protection.

Smoky Quartz transmutes negative energy and detoxifies any environment including the body.


Directions: Shake before use. Spray around designated area you would like the energy cleared to help the process of healing for the emotional state of an Empath.



Question do you need this Spray?

7 signs you're an Empath

You want to help others.

You can tell when something is wrong.

You don't cope with bad news or violence as well as others.

Your mood changes based on your surroundings.

Nature soothes you.

Crowds overwhelm you.

You need a lot of time to recharge.


Empath Mantras

I'm not here to fix anyone.

I'm ready to honor my sensitive nature.

Taking care of my energy is my priority.

Saying no is a healthy way to set boundaries.

Self Care is my path to attract amazing people.

I'm a super feeler, therefore I have a big heart.

I don't owe anyone explanation why I feel this way.

My sensitivity is my strength and source of intuition.

Just because you can feel someone's emotions doesn't mean you responsible to heal them.



Empath Spray and Mist (Safe for Face and Skin)

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