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Why Is Lamp Magick Important? 

Number when you control the flame and the fire, lamps are good for any and all uses. Love Conjuring, Money Conjuring, Hexing, Prosperity and more. Let me not forget the Court Case work as well. 

These lamps is old style conjuring at its finest there is nothing better or greater than a oil lamp. The lamp needs to be blessed and dressed before you start every time you light it please make sure to do this and I clean my lamps with Florida water first they are sage and the outside is even dressed with oil.

I breathe into the lamp and bless all the contents that are used. 

Lamps last longer and they can be worked for 21 days for when it is used

Lamps as opposed to candles as excellent for slow work. 


It will change your conjuring 100%

This Lamp takes 7 Business Days to Make 

Custom Oil Lamps (Custom to Your Need)

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