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Separation and Love (Come To Me or Come Back to Me) 


This work is created if you are needing the "Target to Be Separated or Divorced" and the Come to me work if for him or her to be sent directly to you. 


What does all this work include: 

Contracted and Pictured Work sent to you, once payment has been received within 48 hours you will receive a contract PDF Electronically Signed goes over the terms of conditions plus 3 follow up dates to speak with me, there is no extra charge for that. 


We will work on this together for the next 90 days or 3 months. We work together you adjusting your vibrations and other assignments for self love work, and Magickal Lady Duchess will do the actual work. She will comminute with the date listed on the contract the date of service. 


1. Pics of all the targets

2. Locations of where they live

3. Petition on what you want to happen be as detailed as possible

4. Date of Birth of the Target


You get jar of the workings (some of the work I send to you) Love Work not the Separation. (If requested) 


If you have any questions are concerns please feel free to contact me. I will not reach out again because you have to do this in your own time and your own speed. Do not allow anyone including me to make you feel that there is a rush because it is not. The Universe will align with you.


Please remember once the balance is paid we will also need for you to complete and sign the agreement that states the date of service as well as the

  • Date of the work
  • Follow Up Dates


Combo" Separation and Love Work"

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